Sunday, 19 February 2012


For as long as I could remember I've wanted blonde hair, that gorgeous milky blonde of my dreams was a million miles away from my miserable mousey brown. Blonde hair makes me happier, bouncier and an all round shinier person such is the power of hair!

So in June 2011 my hair was chopped from long one length blandness to just below the shoulder with a blunt fringe. The colour was warmed up and the ends were squared off.

Excuse the moody expression I was trying to check my make up with no mirror and my phone refused to work! So I kept this style and colour throughtout my pregnancy but at my appointment in january this year I decided to be really rash and chop it off! Wild eh? Here are the results forgive my eyebrows I had just tinted them and left it on too long :( I blame baby brain.....9 months later ahem.

It was supposed to be a dramatically graduated bob but my hairdresser kind of lost her way :l the colour has been "cleaned up" with some lighter blondes throughout the whole head. FYI I have a full head of highlights in three shades of blonde, my fringe is blunt but slightly snipped into to break it up.

I've had some people say I suit shorter hair and some people say they liked it longer. I'm not 100% sure either way really, I think short hair is higher maintainence contrary to popular belief! I'm still getting used to it so who knows how I might feel in the near future?

Pointless post really just wanted a bit of a hair ramble! I do miss my longer hair but it's a change and change is always good right?

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