Saturday, 25 February 2012

Four holes in my abdominal region

I like cheese. Alot. Nothing makes me happier than two massive slices of bread, some full fat heart attack inducing cheese and branston pickle. Mega yum.

Alas no more. I am recovering from having my gallbladder wrenched from my body and I'm feeling typically sorry for myself. I usually would fill a feed bag with cheese, dm whole nut and litres of coke and chow down but no I can't be arsed. It will make me ill, my backside will shake more causing my local area to suffer aftershocks dislodging the plates from their new "antique" sideboards. Most of all it will depress me.

She makes me jealous.

These make me nostalgic.

This really makes me want bunk beds and preferably friends/siblings to occupy them.

This makes me say hooray for breast feeding supermodels.

This is a dog in a taco outfit.

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