Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ideas, ramblings and general mooching

This is what happens when I get bored, I hijack a five year olds colouring book and go loopy!

To be honest I quite like the rainbow hair if I wasn't such an oap I might just slap some bleach on and go to town with the rainbow effect. Alas I am old and slightly cynical as to whether I could pull off multi-coloured hair.

I want these. Badly. (image mooched off google because I'm a fool who forgot where they can be bought wah!) They're brilliant the right balance of witty and practical. I hearts them I do.

How sweet is this bad boy?! Please please tell me someone knows where the page with the tutorial is? I have a bad habit of c&p pictures for reference then forgetting the origins of them bah! How adorable is this diy kitchen though made from such an ugly unit into something so delicious as this! I want one! Sod my childs needs I didn't have a play kitchen as a child and have deep rooted issues that have made me a terrible cook so I need a practice kitchen :) Real grown up kitchens are boring and require too much cleaning :(

It's a sunflower, I like them, nobody ever buys me them. People are crap.

All pictures skanked from google apart from my epic work of art. Disney please don't sue me. Ha!


  1. I just wrote the best comment ever. But I wasn't signed in and it got lost.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog. My style is just waffle, engage fingers, press publish, job done.

    Those lamp shades are genius. I need the top hat one for my games room. It's meant to be a study but we put comfy chairs, games consoles, graphic novels and an awesome retro X-men print. You'd love it.


  2. Ah I could move into your games room! :D I know a guy who has wallpapered his lounge in comics it looks amazing!

    The lamp shades would be fantastic for my hallway they would provide brilliant photo opportunities :)


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